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One World Soon

The concept of one world, where the current descriptions of 1st 2nd and 3rd worlds would be banished into the mists of time, is to make the changes needed to bring equality to everyone. This poem was my views expressed 6 years ago and I see no need to change my views, but would berate all politicians who fall short of the high standards of Nelson Mandela - (which is almost all of them) for not doing their utmost to implement all the many agreements made over several decades. Plainly the commercial powers still control their puppets in government. Shame on all politicians who have demonstrated jelly spines for far too long. fair taxes for excessive profits are long overdue - why are we still seeing poor people chased for money when they are impoverished while multi-billionaires bribe people with mega millions to keep their tax fiddles secret?

Bill Gates has demonstrated that the rich can change the habits of a lifetime - sadly others are still striving to build their empires even in their 80's and beyond - for what purpose? You truly cannot take the money with you into the next life, yet greed is evidently an incurable malady, and their obsession with playing games with peoples lives is nothing short of evil.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of course, but I cannot envisage a rational objection to taking steps now to correct the gross imbalance between the average incomes of the big business directors and those of the man in the street anywhere in the world.

So, come one now - who can rise above the mediocre politicians we have today and show they have studied and respected the examples of Mandela, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King? Right now I see no evidence of anyone putting the people first - and if they cannot do that, they don't deserve any salary at all.

One hope I have for my children
No hunger or fear in their lives
Every parent wants this, so that is no surprise
When will the world meet in honesty
Openly plan an end to all poverty
Remove the crowns from the commerce kings
Let morality stand proud within all our tradings
Don't let it take too long my friends
Seek friendship and sincerity through deeds
Open dialogue so we can know each others needs
Only when we understand each other well can
New beginnings be made that will go to plan
August 11th 2008

I Want You Now

I want you now - in a cool woodland glade where a tinkling stream

lends it’s soft percussion to the bird songs that drift through the trees…

I want you now - on the soft shimmering beach where coral sands

make a warm bed for our glowing bodies under the soaring palms…

I want you now - by the campfire, our silhouettes showing outside the tent

while our voices rise and fall in perfect harmony within the canvas walls…

I want you now - in the big four poster bed where silk sheets and ties

give sultry sensations against our ever moving, ever glowing bodies…

I want YOU now - for no other can compare to your warm eyes and smile

that speak volumes of true poetry without the constraints of mere words…

I want you now…


June 6th 2014

Kidney Transplant Appeal

I'm a long time user of the internet, but this is the first time I have set up an appeal for what I believe to be a very worthwhile cause.

It is all about saving the life of an inspirational lady in the Philippines, who has spent most of her 49 years as the provider for not just her own family, but her extended family, adopting orphans and encouraging the eldest of those to adopt the baby son of her cousin, who had died in childbirth.  I have known her niece for 6 years and seen how close and dedicated the family remains despite their collective burdens.

With renal failure Amy has been unable to work for months now and has exhausted her own money on essential medical services, which are costly enough.  But her best hope is a kidney transplant - her niece has offered to donate, but the operation will add around $15,000 to the medical bills, far more than the family can manage without her being well enough to work...

So, here I am giving the link to the Indiegogo crowd funding page where the details can be found - any contributions will of course be welcomed, and an even greater favour would be to ask others to visit and spread the link.


As a part of the appeal incentives, I am donating poems, ebooks and paperback books to those who donate specific amounts, each with a dedication to the generous souls who donate.

The Depths Of Love

The great power of love is not in the mind
But deep in our hearts which can ache muchly sometimes
The passions we feel are beyond thought to control
Some say it's our hormones, some say it's the soul

But to live life in the shallows without loves warm glow
Is to be beached like a whale with nowhere to go
The depths may bring some sorrows and pain on the way
But we all get the bends if we rise too fast from our play

Linger down in the middle of waters so deep,
Let the light of the sun keep you safe from those that seek
To act like the sharks who tear all life apart
Be true to each other with warmth in your heart

Aglow in the deepest water lie perils for us
Sharp toothed in the shadows with baits luminous
Such is the same with all of those game players
Whose gilded promises shine but would soon betray us

With eyes open wide we can offer ourselves
No need to stay hidden in spike armored shells
So trust all your senses in the full light of day
Stay away from shadowed places where predators prey...

February 27th 2009


no, No, NO, NO!"

Love is quite assuredly the only way,
as hatred never brings a bright new day,
we cannot make a future from reliving the past,
history clearly says those ways could never last,
death and destruction wastes the lives of innocents,
to carry on like that would just be moral impotence.

Make the world see that violence is little more than vile,
only with love and sharing can we make everyone smile,
for our children's future we must end the bloodshed today,
tell the UN to stop wasting time in meetings as others slay,
the unarmed mothers and children who have no safe place to go,
please all stand up and together shout out " No No NO NO"!

July 18th 2012



Some times I think, sometimes I dream
Of future times that may be less mean
When peeps can tell the truth all day
Not hide behind some smoke screen play

If all the world had listened well
When John imagined and did tell
Everyone that they could help change
The world from war to peace ain't strange

Not that I was so deluded
To think that all would be included
For many evil plans remain
Too many men are quite insane

Megalomania must be epidemic
Greed is surely now quite systemic
Commercial interests rule ever more
Their power exceeds countries, that's for sure

Ah but we few do long for more
cooperation and love to endure
Mesmerised by beauty that transcends
The cheats and bullies and poor pretence

Come let's dance amongst the trees
Where we can join the birds and bees
Avoid the traps of urban wares
Strip away those worldly cares

Circle round a simple fire
Nothing more than root desire
Poise and grace and passions freed
Indulge in just our basic needs

Hold the torches for the other
Maybe we can still yet discover
What man once did have to leave
When he first chose to deceive

Sometimes I dream......

April 12th 2008


Brave Men Needed

Brave Men Needed

Hundreds more Dead
Thousands more bleed
What hope can we give them
When will they be freed
Where is their peace
Is there water to drink
Can they find food
What are they to think

The innocent lie in pain and in blood
Their homes bombed to mere rubble
Seen by spies up above
Their anguish will forever blight any love
Is there some answer from those who are free
People are people wherever they be
Vietnam, Korea, China, Japan or Iraq
Once more out in Gaza who can shield their backs

Who can see further than the next shell or bomb
How long until peace comes
How long
How long
No place on earth is safe for the poor
How much they all suffer
Look at what they endure
Those that send hate must take blame for all this
Such deaths fuel more anger and so violence persists

The greatest courage is to stand and shout Stop
Are there no politicians man enough for that job
Are there none that can see beyond the next vote
No voices of reason without fear of the chop
We need some real leaders with the vision to say
We can never end conflicts while we do it this way

Shame will be written in more history books
Dont ever forget those crippled childrens looks
Their puzzled expressions reveal the real loss
No spin can ever justify those that do boss
The armies and fighters who inflict all these crimes
And damage the future while they corrupt more young minds

Brave men are needed to stand and be heard
To carry on with bombing is brutally absurd
No eye for an eye will come to an end
Until all sides agree that they must learn to be friends

January 14th 2009

Gaza Suffers

Gaza Suffers

Must the people of Gaza suffer ever more,

can none bring aid to their ravaged shore?

There have been so many years of deprivation,

for the families of this tiny nation,

when will their plight at last be declared

too horrendous for moral views to be pared?

The United Nations have much reason to blush,

for allowing the many crimes to be hushed,

no actions like those in neutral seas,

should be unpunished despite the pleas,

from soldiers armed in ways that just appall,

for why were they sent to board at all?

Those goods and people had already been inspected

by Turkish allies of Israel, thus protected,

no arms or harmful goods were being sent,

unless you can claim that of sugar and cement!

Time has come to call for a neutral force,

to police the borders and thus enforce,

the rights of all to goods they need,

while keeping at bay all terror seed.


June 2nd 2010


Tribute To John

John the artist played at a pace that didnt slack
He was a bold young figure, the leader of the pack
Quarried in that Mersey town and crafted into rock
Solid from the outset, his band was hard to knock
More talent than the many other groups that were around
The Beatles got the world to dig their Mersey sound

Apprentice served in Hamburg, playing thru the night
The brought a blend of soul with rock in which to delight
Helped by Please and Thank You, they even got the toffs
Shaking up their jewelry when Royal Variety they did top
Touring became much harder with stadiums so packed
Screaming fans drowning out the music, every track

Long years in the studio, brought the legends to their peak
Far eclipsing stones and kinks and others that did seek
To occupy that top spot, which had grown so very high
None would ever do it, though the cream of bands did try
Dropping winston for his ono, he prospered for a while
Imagining peace for the world, instant karma made us smile

John the father took five years out to stay home with Sean
Baking bread and playing was then his daily norm
When at last he felt he had watched the wheels go round
Back he came and brought us an album that we found
Was to be the last one released before the day he died
No one could ever count all the people that then cried

John became a legend, one I hope will never fade
We always will remember the efforts that he made
To bring some sense to politics and an end to war
If that was all he'd ever done we could not have asked for more.

April 15th 2008